Should Hollywood Be Boycotting Georgia Over Its Voting Law? It’s Complicated.

Source: ESQUIRE by Brady Langmann

Mark Hamill and James Mangold say they will no longer film in the state. But is that the best response to the despicable new bill?

If you’re familiar with the inner workings of filming a big-studio Hollywood movie nowadays, you might know that Georgia is a pretty popular place to shoot a film. Of course, Marvel has shot damn near everything at Fayetteville’s Pinewood Studios. Plus, Ozark, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, you name it.It’s mostly thanks to the state providing a major tax credit to those who choose to shoot their films there.

Now, the future of Hollywood and Georgia’s working relationship could be in jeopardy. On March 25, Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed a voting bill that implements several restrictions to voters. The restrictions include ID requirements for absentee voting, fewer ballot drop boxes, and the banning of giving food and water to voters in line. The election law has already been heavily criticized by the likes of President Biden, who called it “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.” Stacey Abrams added that the new law is “a reminder of Georgia’s dark past.”

Now, Logan director James Mangold and Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, have tweeted that they will not film any more movies in Georgia—which could be the beginnings of a Hollywood boycott of working in the state. Mangold wrote, “I will not direct a film in Georgia,” and Hamill chimed in with an “ABSOLUTELY!”