Legislative Update – More Funding and More Autonomy for the Film Commission

While specifics are still to be ironed out, TT&B has met with staff of both committees and we are on track to get a significant amount of funding from the Legislature this year. We will be in what is called the “H2 budget” this year– the second round of budgeting, sometime in May.

Senate leadership has directed staff to work with us to boost the film budget, and we are (so far) getting more from the House than we were on track to get last year. Both bodies are also working on giving the Film Office more autonomy as well.

I do not want to go into much more detail than this for now, just waiting to firm some of it up a little further. But I say we’re in very good shape. Will dig into details when we see actual numbers on paper.

Now that you are all working again, some of you will be hearing from us to join/renew your membership.


Stay tuned. We will update you with important news as it happens.

Linda Lee, President
Carolina Film Alliance