CFA Legislative Update – April 2019

Film in South Carolina

Film in South Carolina

This legislative session, we have continued to make headway for the film industry in the General Assembly. No longer is film an afterthought for the legislature, it is now something they want to address in a big way, and in a way sufficient enough to sustain itself for a long time to come. The new chairman of Ways & Means has directed his staff to work with us on an all-encompassing bill that would allow the film industry to grow exponentially, and they have begun pulling all the relevant data we need to do so.

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Legislative Update – Dec 2018

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE FROM BOYD BROWN Tompkins, Thompson, and Brown January is quickly approaching, and we are actively preparing for the upcoming legislative session. We were all surprised by the switch up in the Ways and Means Committee chairmanship.  The new Chairman, Rep. Murrell Smith, and I were in the same freshman legislative class in 2000 … Read more