Covid-19 Vaccines for the FIlm & TV Industry

Beginning March 8, appointments to get the COVID-19 vaccine can be made by people in Phase 1b. After many conversations with SCDHEC staffers today, film industry cast, crew, and extras working on films, television series, commercials, still shoots would be covered under:

Frontline Workers with Increased Occupational Risk

Frontline workers with increased occupational risk are people who:

  • Must be in-person at their place of work, and
  • Perform a job that puts them at increased risk of exposure due to their frequent, close (less than 6 feet) and ongoing (more than 15 minutes) contact with others in the work environment.

SC to rely on honor system for vaccines

Examples of frontline workers include, but are not limited to, school staff and daycare workers manufacturing workers, grocery store workers, food service crews, bus drivers, law enforcement officers, etc. This description is intentionally vague.

Since this is all subject to supply and demand, this date and anything else could be changed. We do know that MUSC and Roper are behind on their 1a vaccinations, which could affect the rollout of 1b.

On March 8, go to to find a vaccine location. Put in your zip code and pick a location. Remember, you are a frontline worker with increased occupational risk.

  • The Projected date for Phase 1c is April 12 and will be for all people 45 and up.
  • The Projected date for Phase 2 is May 3 and will be for all people 16 and up.

Good luck and stay safe.