Auditioning for Film and Television workshop


Booking a film or television role is all about the audition — the skills that gets your submission noticed, on the short list, and on your way to a possible on-screen credit and paycheck.

Casting Director Matthew Sefick, CSA, and the South Carolina Film Commission are bringing a FREE workshop to South Carolinians for this very purpose. The AUDITIONING FOR FILM AND TELEVISION seminar will be held on Saturday, Oct. 16, at Trident Technical College’s North Charleston campus.

The intensive workshop will focus on ways actors can make their auditions more engaging for the audience of casting directors, producers, and directors. Those who enroll are required to turn in self-tape video submissions ahead of time and familiarize themselves with multiple cast breakdowns and sides; feedback will be provided and enrollees will perform on-camera at the in-person workshop.

The workshop is free and open to the public. Two half-day sessions will be conducted — morning and afternoon. Space is limited and you must apply to enroll. Actor resumes with at least two film or TV credits and a link to a private past audition tape are required for consideration. Applicants must be 16-years-old or older.


Applications must be received by Sept. 7.

This class is for instructional purposes and is not a guarantee of employment.


Photo - Matt Sefick, CSA
Matt Sefick, CSA

Matthew is a casting director based out of Charleston, SC. He’s a member of the Casting Society of America as well as the Television Academy. With over 15 years of experience in the film and television industry, his credits include USA’s Queen of the South, Hallmark’s USS Christmas, Showtime’s Homeland, and Lifetime’s Army Wives.

As part of its training and professional development efforts, the South Carolina Film Commission presents a series of production seminars each year. All workshops are provided to South Carolina residents at no charge and on a regular basis by action of the S.C. Motion Picture Incentive Act, passed by the state legislature in 2004. Click here to join our email list for announcements and registration links for upcoming seminars.