Welcome to the Carolina Film Alliance

The Carolina Film Alliance is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to building the motion picture, television and creative digital media industries in South Carolina.

Our Focus

Economic growth

Through the expansion of effective South Carolina Film incentives to attract film, television, and commercial projects to our state, we can grow the economy.

Professional networking

South Carolina is home to hundreds of film and television professionals. This is a unique opportunity to build connections that build careers in the industry.

Film in South Carolina

Professional development

Thanks to the SC Film Commission and its connections with award winning television and film professionals, invaluable skills are learned both on-set and in the classroom.

Creating jobs and opportunities in SC

Join us in creating new opportunities for South Carolinians in the film and television industry

Who are we?

  • Producers and directors
  • Film and television crew
  • Actors and voice-over talent
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Your neighbors, friends and relatives

“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.”
― Robert Rodriguez

Join the mission

Become a member. Join us in our mission to advocate for jobs created by the film and television industry in South Carolina.

Upcoming Events

11th Annual Terrace Charleston Film Festival @ Terrace Theater
Mar 5 – Mar 8 all-day
11th Annual Terrace Charleston Film Festival @ Terrace Theater

The Terrace Theater, the Carolina Film Alliance and the Jewish Studies Program at the College of Charleston invite you Thursday, March 5th at 6pm for the 11th Annual Terrace Charleston Film Festival and its OPENING RECEPTION.

Opening Night Films will be:
Resistance (2020) directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz
Deceiver (1997) directed by Josh & Jonas Pate

Please RSVP by February 27th.

Click for a full list of films and times plus trailers.

South Carolina Homegrown Film Festival @ Terrace Theater
Mar 5 – Mar 8 all-day
South Carolina Homegrown Film Festival @ Terrace Theater | Charleston | South Carolina | United States


Thursday, March 5thOpening Reception 6:00pm
Time: 7:00pm
Film: Deceiver
Panel Participants: Linda Lee (Locations Manager), Patricia Glasser (Head Hair) John D. Kretschmer (Production Designer)
Panel Moderator: TBA

Friday, March 6th
Time: 9:00PM
Film: A Nun’s Curse
Panel Participants: Tommy Faircloth (director),Robert Zobel (Producer), Sean Krumbholz (FX)
Panel Moderator: Michael Smallwood

Saturday, March 7th
Time: 4:30
Film: Indie Grants
Panel Participants: Brad Jayne and others TBA
Panel Moderator: Brad Jayne

Sunday, March 8th
Time: 4:30
Film: Sophie & the Rising Sun
Panel Participants: Steve Rhea (Location Manager), Kenneth Charles Graham (Actor), Sabrina Mayfield (Actor), James Heyward (Script Supervisor)
Panel Moderator: Linda Eisen

A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to the CFA.
CFA members in good standing will receive free popcorn and a CFA sticker at each screening they attend

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