Legislative Update – Dec 2018

Tompkins, Thompson, and Brown

January is quickly approaching, and we are actively preparing for the upcoming legislative session.

We were all surprised by the switch up in the Ways and Means Committee chairmanship.  The new Chairman, Rep. Murrell Smith, and I were in the same freshman legislative class in 2000 and everyone in the firm has a very close relationship with him.   We will be meeting with him soon to brief him on our issues, including the need for increased funding for the film commission 

We are going to work to codify the existing provisos, and work to ensure the existing provisos remain in the upcoming budget as a safe-guard.   We are still seeking input on trying to find some kind of solution to the fiscal year constraints you guys have to deal with.  

We had a great meeting with select members of the JBRC.   Linda did a great job with her presentation and I think a lot of positive things will come from it.   The biggest take away was something that we all know:  there is a tremendous amount of support from key legislators for the SC film industry and a strong desire to see it grow. 

As an extra piece of good news, our new Ways and Means Economic Development Sub-Committee Chairman is Leon Stavrinakis.

Hope everyone enjoys the Holiday Season.  Let us know if you have any questions.
# # #

Linda Lee, President
Carolina Film Alliance