President: Linda Lee
Vice President: Missy Ricker
Secretary: Matthew Sefick
Treasurer: BettyLynn Allison

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J.C. Davis Baglio
Martin Bluford
Linda Eisen
Carey Gattyan
Dan Jones
Tommy Melton
Harrison Palmer


Rob Glasser
Jean-Marc Khayat
Rhett D. Klok
Ron Tucker
Cara White


CFA Board of Directors & Advisors

Linda Lee

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Biographical Info

Linda Lee, current president of the Carolina Film Alliance, began working in the film and television industry in the 70’s in New Orleans, where she learned the business by working in every department that would take her.

In 1976, Linda was hired to work with the Art Director of a Saturday Night Live Mardi Gras Special. The following year she moved to New York to work on the show’s parody commercials. After nine years in New York, spent working on numerous television shows, plays, and television specials, plus a year as a repo woman – often referred to as the revenge year – when she repossessed her ex-husband’s lawyer’s BMW and the Mustang belonging to a writer who stole an idea for a parody.

After Hugo, Linda moved back to Charleston, just in time for South Carolina’s best years of film production. This began a long working relationship as a scout for the South Carolina Film Commission which led to Location Managing 6 feature films, 2 M.O.W, a documentary series, and numerous commercials throughout the 90’s, culminating in “The Patriot.” During this period Linda became friends with Casting Director Richard Futch, a founding member and President of the Carolina Film Alliance (CFA). In 2013, Linda was elected to the Board and served as Vice President until Richard retired in March of 2016 and she became President.

In early 2016, the Film Commission had un-committed rebate funds available for a series that sought to move to SC. Linda was the Scout. Locations were matched to the show’s first season in Mississippi, the producers were thrilled, and they applied for the rebates. When the application went to PRT, the money was gone – disappeared. For months, every day that she was not scouting was spent researching, questioning and demanding answers.

Linda’s research became the foundation for the changes CFA and its legislative advisors have accomplished and are still working towards. Since that time, CFA has passed two important Provisos: 49.15, which allows the Film Commission to pay rebates without distinction of the source of funds (previously, if supplier rebate money ran out, the leftover wage rebate money would revert to SCPRT), and Proviso 49.8, by which committed and uncommitted funds would carry forward from the prior fiscal year and be used solely for Wage and Supplier rebates and may not be used for any other purpose. As president, Linda continues to work closely with Legislative Advisors and House and Senate Committees to increase the funding for the SC Film Commission and bring more productions to South Carolina.

Linda’s more recent work includes scouting for Reckless, Identity, South of Hell, Vice Principals, The Sinner, Halloween, and OBX.

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