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Ron Tucker
Cara White


CFA Board of Directors & Advisors

JC Davis Baglio

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Biographical Info

JC Davis Baglio grew up in a small town in eastern NC, called Tarboro. While in 5th grade in 1987, the film Summer Heat transformed her little hometown into a depression-era film set. She was fascinated watching the people she knew from her town, be transformed to another time with hair, makeup and costume.

She graduated from UNC-Greensboro with a BS (lol) in Recreation, Parks and Tourism and focused on event planning. That led her to living in San Francisco and Orange County, California. When the Dot Com bubble busted, so did her job. And that is when she decided to pursue her passion of becoming a hairstylist.

She graduated from Paul Mitchell the School in 2002 and in 2003 moved to Savannah GA after realizing California is too dang expensive.

While in Savannah, she saw what was once a very small, film friendly town getting one movie every few years, turn into a very busy film friendly city. JC attempted to get on films such as The Last Song and The Conspirator, but with no film experience and not being a film union member, was told no. Then one day, as luck would have it, the then Savannah Film Commissioner was on the local news stating that there were 4 films in the area and really needed people to work in various departments and the hair department was one.

In October 2012, she got to cut her teeth on a little-known horror flick called The Sacrament. She impressed her department head on that film, who went ahead and hired her for the next project in town called Killing Winston Jones. It was on that film she was invited to join to the Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Local 798 Union.

After becoming a union hairstylist in the area, she had the opportunity to work on majority of the productions that came to the area. JC became an active member of the Savannah Women in Film group, that focused on promoted below the line female crew members and assisted in the efforts to promote the Savannah Area on a larger level for filming. JC has traveled to Los Angeles and New York many times to hone in on her period hairstyling techniques.

JC was preparing to start work on the film that tragically took the life of Sarah Jones and seriously injured 7 other crew members. When the news of this accident happened, it shook her to her core and opened her eyes to the shady/unsafe side of the industry. From there, she has been a voice not afraid to speak up for crew members and talent who were too afraid to speak up when safety became a concern.

In 2016, tragedy struck in her own personal life with Hurricane Matthew, while she was working on Underground Railroad. Even with that event, she pursued going further into her production world career. After falling in love with a Charleston based gaffer and working on many of the episodics filming here, she made the decision to move to Charleston in August 2018.

With always wanting to expand her education and knowledge, as soon as IATSE offered the Safety Pass and Harassment Prevention training courses, she immediately took them. She has also recently started studying the art of Wig making.

After watching and being a part of the growing Savannah film community, she would like to see Charleston, South Carolina become a major contender as well.

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