President: Linda Lee
Vice President: Missy Ricker
Secretary: Matthew Sefick
Treasurer: BettyLynn Allison

Board members
J.C. Davis Baglio
Martin Bluford
Linda Eisen
Carey Gattyan
Dan Jones
Tommy Melton
Harrison Palmer


Rob Glasser
Jean-Marc Khayat
Rhett D. Klok
Ron Tucker
Cara White


CFA Board of Directors & Advisors

Carey Gattyan

Photo of Carey Gattyan

Biographical Info

Carey Gattyan is a major projects expert with history of producing over 200 Super Bowl spots.

Possesses twenty-years’ success leading complex ventures with multiple participants and high profile clients (Pepsi, Gatorade, MTN Dew, IBM, Pizza Hut) by uniting all parties around a specific vision. Able to establish precise overarching goals and break down processes into streamlined, group-specific daily operations. Ensures maximum financial efficiency across units.

Carey was a partner and owner of Quietman, a Production and Visual Effects company in New York City for over 20 years. Starting as the receptionist in October of 1996, yet within four-months began directly producing seven Super Bowl spots for Pepsi and working with the largest NYC advertising agencies. Her genius for understanding client needs and both gathering and evolving diverse teams to work at peak-performance levels continued to propel her and Quietman forward. Carey moved rapidly into comprehensive creative and business headship, and organizational partnership, consistently coordinating up to ten plus projects simultaneously. She also shot Quietman towards unfailing profitability by developing the organization’s first financial structure: consistent 40% labor and 60% overhead rates resulting in a minimum of 15% profitability yearly. She is also known for directly generating sales in the range of $4M – $5M yearly (QuietFX) and $2M – $3M yearly (QuietContent).

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