INDIE GRANTS have announced the selections of their 2022-23 Indie Grants short film projects. The films will be shot across the state over the next four months, employing experienced department heads and crews with Trident Technical College film students working under professionals as hands-on training.
“Working with Indie Grants is an answered prayer,” said Alejandra Pareles-Zanotti and Daniel Ramirez of Anderson, one of the selected teams of filmmakers. “Not only do we get to the resources and guidance to make our first film, but we get to show the struggles of the foster system and families battling addiction.”
The short film projects selected are:
Robbie Ain’t Right No More (Charleston, SC)
A family copes with having their son return from war a significantly changed man, only to find the change far more disturbing than they ever anticipated.
Kyle Perritt, Writer/Director
Kyle is a former U.S. Marine turned filmmaker. In 2011 after a four year enlistment and two combat deployments, he returned home to South Carolina and found his passion and a new home in the film industry. He has since worked across departments as a technician on projects like Halloween, The Righteous Gemstones, Outer Banks, and Underground, and has written, produced, and directed several short films, web series, and music videos. His most recent work is the short film Cupcake, co-produced with Owen Hamilton, which premiered at Horrorhound Weekend 2022, was nominated for Best Horror Comedy at the 2022 Nightmares Film Festival, and will screen at 2022 Dances with Films.
Owen Hamilton, Producer/DP
Owen’s start in the film industry came in 2008, producing short films and co-founding indie production house Seamless Pictures. His focus quickly shifted to the field of cinematography – working as a technician on major motion pictures as well as taking the visual helm on short films and dozens of branded short films around the world. In 2020 Owen came back to his roots in Charleston, SC where he has continued his passion for producing films with Seamless Pictures.
Beyond The Fog (Aiken, SC)
June is determined to protect her daughter from the arrival of the Fog. But when confronted with echoes of her own encounter, she struggles to suppress fears that her mother’s failures will become her own.
Desirée Abeyta, Writer/Director
Desirée Abeyta is a Telly Award winning actor, filmmaker, and producer, known for exploring social and feminist themes through a magical lens. Her debut short film, An Invitation to Tea, was one of 5 recipients of the Inwood Artworks Filmmaker Grant in 2019 and has received multiple Audience Choice, Best New Director, and Excellence in Filmmaking awards at various festivals.
Austin Smoak, Producer/DP
A graduate of Florida State University’s Film School, Austin has worked in the camera department for 17 years. As a Cinematographer, Austin has shot a variety of independent features, television, documentaries and commercials. Her work includes projects for Vice, PBS, MTV, Comedy Central and Showtime. Austin has had the opportunity to work as a Cinematographer all over the world including projects throughout Europe, South Asia and Africa.
The Kinship (Anderson, SC)
Michael and his family are on the brink of a life-changing legal decision until a dangerous visitor from the past appears, forcing the family onto a dark crossroads.
Daniel Ramirez & Alejandra Pareles-Zanotti, Writer/Directors
Daniel and Alejandra have produced, directed, and lensed documentary productions for the past 12 years with the most established names in entertainment, including Amazon, ESPN, Animal Planet, Discovery, and HBO, garnering five Emmy nominations along the way. Beyond their television work, Daniel has done hard-hitting journalism work for the New York Times, the Guardian UK, and Conde Naste publications, including reportages on the original WikiLeaks releases, breaking coverage of the Haiti Earthquake, and Boxing Day Tsunami, to name a few. In advertising, Daniel & Alejandra have directed branded documentaries and campaigns for Ford, American Express, Travel + Leisure, the US Board of Tourism, The Boys and Girls Club, and AT&T, earning several Cannes Lions nominations.
Clockwise from top left: Desirée Abeyta, Daniel Ramirez, Kyle Perritt,
Alejandra Pareles-Zanotti, Austin Smoak, and Owen Hamilton.